Training Weekends

Training Weekend

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The cost for Training weekend is $275pp.

Or Day Only (Workshops and Toy Expo) $150

Or Dinner Only (Come Party in the Pacific) $75

Our Training Weekend is a great opportunity for committees new and old to keep up with the play, network with others and get your hands on all those new toys!

We have set the date and venue for our 2017 AGM & Training Weekend;

One of the highlights will be the Toy Expo - where you get to play with all the new toys! A number of toy suppliers have confirmed their attendance at the Toy Expo. The brands they represent include:




We will need volunteers from the Auckland region to be involved on the Training Weekend Committee - if you are interested in helping make this happen please contact board member Jane Marshall during evenings on 03 615 5765.  We would love to have your help!

Start your fundraising now so your committee can make the most of this opportunity to learn and network.

Mark this in your calendar, book your grab a seat tickets and come and join the Federation and Toy Express team for our AGM and Training Weekend in 2017!


If you are new to a toy library committee and unsure what our training weekends involve check out some of the previous weekends down the page.

Notes from the recent Training Workshops are available below in PDF format:

Sustainable Funding Presentation (Ester Romp)

Modern Communications Presentations (Amanda Taylor, Jane Marshall, Teri Black, Cheryl Comfort)

New Reporting Standards (Lyn Zeederberg)

Toy Express Presentation (Pam Pearce)