Lottery Accountability 2017/18

With the closure of Toy Express the way in which you spend your grant will be different this year to previous years. This document outlines the spending and accountability procedure.

You will need to complete the accountability form and return it to the office no later than Thursday 31st January 2019.  

Download the Accountability Process


This year you can again fill in the form and upload the photos, receipts etc through Survey Monkey. Your library will be sent an email with the link. You will be able to upload scanned images of your receipts throughout the year.


The pdf version can be downloaded and filled out and posted to the TLFNZ office, 301 Tuam Street, Christchurch, 8011.

The TLFNZ board appreciates your support, and continue to work with Lotteries on your behalf to secure funding for all libraries. 


We haven't received our payment!
This probably means we haven't received your deposit slip and/or your TLFNZ subs are unpaid. Contact Helen on

Why do we have to supply a bank statement?
This is so it can be proved the receipt has been paid for by the Toy Library.

One of our committee members bought something. What do we do?
Just include the receipt and show the reimbursement to the committee member on the bank statement.

Can we buy something from Trademe?
Yes - just as long as you can show the paper trail as above. i.e. a proof of purchase and payment/reimbursement.

We bought something and didn't get a receipt. Can we claim this?
No, for Lotteries accountability you need to be able to show proof of purchase.

We purchased toys through Toy Express. Do we need to provide invoices/receipts when completing our online accountability?
No, just enter the invoice numbers and amounts - TLFNZ will add the invoices.
We have fully spent our grant, can we complete the accountability online now?
Yes you can!
We have signed up for financial software using our grant, however it has to be paid as a monthly subscription.  How is that going to work in terms of accountability?
Include a statement showing the full amount of the subscription over the year.

For any other questions contact Helen on