Garage Sale Trail/Car Boot Sale

This came about from when I lived in Christchurch many moons ago. Lyttelton community organised a Garage Sale Trail where you purchase a map of registered garage sales and off you go with a car load of friends having a fun day out. On coming up with a new fun concept for the Geraldine Toy Library to partake in the then annual Future Living festival, we wanted to attract members and be part of a great community cause.

As a toy library,we wanted to promote try before you buy, reuse what is not wanted to help save landfill of toys. Hence a garage sale trail! We advertised for the community to register a garage sale with us and we would take care of the rest. For a low cost of $10 we obtained 18 sites and in total counting the toy library itself and a cake stall. The maps were of an A3 size with a map and numbered locations with a brief description of what each site had up for sale. We sold the bottom of the map for $70 advertising and on the back, we sold to local businesses for $20 each (business card size) with a banner at the bottom for $70. Each site received a poster with our logo and notice that they were a registered site for the garage sale trail.

Maps were printed and delivered to our local diary that was open from 6am. Advertising was done in conjunction with the Future Living Festival (FREE), Facebook, email to our members, leaflet drop to our local Kindergarten, Pre-School, notice in the local Primary Schools and High School and our local paper events page. All up we advertised FREE. All printing was sponsored. We sold our maps for $5 each. We were also fortunate enough to receive donated items to sell of which we made a nice profit. All up we raised over $2500 from registered sites, advertising, map sales, cake stall, retired toys from the library and donated items. We were able to gift $150 to a local family that had lost everything due to a house fire.

The following year due to lack of committee researches we were not able to hold a Garage Sale Trail, but received many calls from locals to see if we were doing something similar. Keeping with the Future for Living theme we were able to secure a vacated site and hold a car boot sale. Selling site to local businesses, members of the public. Not as successful as our Garage Sale Trail, but we received some new members and local awareness of our toy library.

This is an extract from the website:

The day exists to do more than help people sell their unwanted stuff and hone the skills of bargain hunters. Garage Sale Trail exists to make a difference. The simple act of buying and selling at a garage sale does a whole lot of ‘good stuff’ beyond making extra cash and finding treasure. It’s a simple way to bring communities together, reuse stuff and rethink the idea of what waste really is… while having an excuse to get dressed up,bake and barbecue.

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