Purpose, Vision and Mission


The Toy Library Federation of NZ (TLFNZ) acts as a support mechanism to existing and new not for profit toy libraries; offering information and support on toy selection, toy maintenance and all aspects of running a toy library. Membership is open to anyone interested in toy libraries.

Vision Statement:

Let the Children Play

Mission Statement:

The Toy Library Federation of NZ actively promotes play as being essential to optimal educational, physical, psychological, social and cultural development of the child.


  • To support and encourage the development and maintenance of high standards of service in all toy libraries
  • To investigate and disseminate information on all aspects of the safe use, manufacture and distribution of toys and educational aids
  • To foster and encourage co-operation between toy libraries to better assist them in furthering their objectives consistent with the objects of TLFNZ
  • To gain and maintain recognition for toy libraries as important resources catering for the developmental, educational, emotional and cultural needs of families
  • To support, and assist in the establishment of non-profit charitable toy libraries throughout NZ for the purpose of making available toys and educational aids of all kinds too families, including families with special needs
  • To do all such things as are conducive or incidental to the attaining of all or any of the above objectives.

Life Members

The following people have been elected at AGM's since 1981 for outstanding service to the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand.


Pam Taylor (d)


Miss Gillian Gorick


Alison McKenzie


Betty Willis


Billa Field
Jane Webster


Pam Scott


Christine Jelley
Mary Robinson


Irene Mosley


Linda Richmond


Cherry Browne
Fiona Cartwright


Kathy Walsh


Diane Pitcaithly


Ester Romp

We are extremely grateful to these people for all the work they have achieved to enable the TLFNZ be the wonderful organisation it is today.

Toy Library Federation History

Although Toy Libraries had been operating in New Zealand since 1974 it was not until 1980 that it was felt that a national body of some description was needed. At the National Conference in Rotorua 1980, it was decided to set up the New Zealand Toy Library Association. In 1981 this became a reality and the Toy Library Federation of New Zealand was formed.

A committee of 10 people formed the first Toy Library Federation Board and from there the Board has developed into the Board as we know it today. To start with Board members met at homes around the country and all correspondence was by telephone and mail (no faxes and computers then!) with all written correspondence being handwritten or typed on a manual typewriter.

One of the earlier pieces of correspondence received by the Board was from Spike Milligan in England. Being the Patron of the Toy Library Association in the United Kingdom he greatly supported the idea of Toy Libraries and what they stood for.

Board members have varied throughout the years with the most at any one time being 11 in 1982 and the least being five in 1985, 1994 & 2006.

The Board of Trustees now meets four times a year and also attends the AGM which is held in a nominated location, alternating between the North and South Islands each year.